Making the Arctic and the Antarctic Personal: An Interview with Oceanwide Expeditions

Today we have something special for you: an interview with Oceanwide Expeditions, who specialize in organizing unique tours and cruises into the Earth’s polar regions. The experiences they offer are really something special and it’s obvious they love what they do.

We don’t want to give anything away, and they’ll do a much better job at telling their story, so let’s hand the “mic” over to them. Read More

Want Something Different? Go on a Whale Watching Tour!

Just imagine sitting on the shore or sailing, and looking at the horizon. That beautiful line where the sky meets the sea and gives a sense of calmness and the inner peace we so much crave for. You get lost in the beauty of the blueness and calmness of the view. Then, something starts interfering with this line. It is not intimidating, quite the opposite, it makes the view even more marvelous.

You get stunned by the beauty emerging from the depths of the sea. In the next moment you see the whale in its full glory, breaching and repetitive slapping of their fins, it is one spectacular show. Read More

Best Places to Charter a Sailboat in the Mediterranean

Chartering a sailboat can be a very adventurous endeavor and just the perfect vacation of choice for sea lovers. Imagine being at one with the sea, and only the next day enjoying a glass of wine in a bar on the French coast.

There is no check out time; you have your ‘hotel’ to yourself to enjoy 24/7. Plus, sleeping on a boat makes it possible for you to become a baby again – the sailboat is the best insomnia cure and a unique sleeping experience. Read More

Conservation Issues Facing Whales and Other Marine Mammals

Whales are marvelous creatures. The blue whale is the largest creature that has ever lived on this planet, reaching length up to 30 meters and weighing more than 190 tons. They have been roaming the seas since more than 25 million years ago and have their roots as far as 200 million years ago, when it is believed the first mammals developed.

As all mammals descend from land, it is astounding how whales are totally adapted to the sea today and they are unable to survive on land. Being that they are special creatures in many ways, it is somber the fact that they have been threatened with extinction by number of reasons, while some species have made the near extinction list. Read More

Circumnavigating the World in Sailboat: A Life Changing Experience

Alone or with friends. Or maybe just with your significant other. Every day at a different place. Or every other day. Or every third. One moment in solitude, the next in noisy civilization. One evening in a restaurant eating sea food and drinking wine, the next morning playing with dolphins in the deep blue sea.

We are talking about the best vacationing you could, or could not really imagine. It is sailing.

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