Ten SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Google Ranking

Here are ten search engine optimization mistakes that can cause your website to get penalized by Google and the other search engines. Ten SEO Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Google Ranking 1. Publishing unoriginal content on your site Google hates duplicated content. Wherever and whenever Google comes across duplicated content, the Google search algorithm tends […]

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How To Make A Living Online

If you want to quit the corporate nine to five, then earning a living online can be a viable alternative. There are some good reasons why many people who want to quit corporate slavery like the idea of making a living online.  How To Make A Living Online An online business has many advantages over […]

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How To De-Google Your Computer

The Snowden revelations about US data snooping by the NSA made clear the extent our data and ourselves are being spied upon by government surveillance authorities. I’ve been taking step-by-step action to reduce my exposure to the services most likely to have links with or be infiltrated by the NSA.  My aim is to try […]

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Why You Should Escape From PRISM

I used to think of computer security in terms of preventing hackers from stealing my bank account data. But the revelations of Edward Snowden about US government’s NSA data snooping has made me change my thinking. The activities of the US NSA and the PRISM project make it clear that the US government is conducting […]

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