Best Places to Charter a Sailboat in the Mediterranean

Chartering a sailboat can be a very adventurous endeavor and just the perfect vacation of choice for sea lovers. Imagine being at one with the sea, and only the next day enjoying a glass of wine in a bar on the French coast.

There is no check out time; you have your ‘hotel’ to yourself to enjoy 24/7. Plus, sleeping on a boat makes it possible for you to become a baby again – the sailboat is the best insomnia cure and a unique sleeping experience.

Another important thing to point out is – peace. The boat is driven by (mostly) wind and there is no engine rushing. Apart from the noise of the waves, lapping water on the boat and whistling on the pillows, there is almost no noise while traveling. The water and its sounds, soothing for the human psyche, will help you find spiritual peace no matter how much you have been disturbed by the earth’s problems at work and everyday life before your vacation. Sailing is tailored to the mood. If you like silence, you can find it by choosing a quiet bay or small village where you can stay. If you want a noisy ride and the feeling that you are in civilization, you will choose more anchoring sites.

There are plenty of places in Europe you can reach by sea, but the Mediterranean has this vibrant and picturesque landscape, making it ‘the route’ to visit while sail boating. And as they say, men always want something to tighten and curb, and for women to ‘break loose’, so here are some of the places you can visit while doing it.

French Riviera

Many will say that the brilliant south of France is a victim of its own popularity, but it is still one of the most beautiful coasts of Europe, if not the world. You can start your adventure with a hunt for celebrities in Saint-Tropez and continue towards lonely bay where you will be able to relax in peace and enjoy the overwhelming blue sea, Cannes and Monaco.

Balearic Islands

Although crowded with tourists, the Balearic Islands are still one of the most beautiful European sailing destinations. This group of islands includes Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera. Although this coast is world famous for its parties, you will also find a lonely bay where you will be able to relax in peace and enjoy the overwhelming blue sea.

Ionian Islands

The right place to start exploring the Greek coast. Start from Corfu or Lefkas, and go on a sailing for a tour of all seven large islands. You are in for harbors full of colorful fishing boats, white houses and splendid beaches.

Dalmatian coast

What to say about the Dalmatian coast except that it is – beautiful. The real Mediterranean as it should be. Beautiful beaches and traditional lifestyle is something that attracts many tourists each year. There are as many as 1185 islands that make Croatia one of the most desirable sailing destinations, and certainly are the most beautiful hidden coves in which there are no tourists.

Italian coast

Picture Naples, Capri and Amalfi – these are definitely the most unusual coastline cities in Europe. Sunsets, beautiful towns, lots of food and wine, and the beautiful islands of Italy. Be sure to stay at Capri, Volcano Ischia and the beautiful Positano.


The beautiful sea, rich cultural heritage and over 7.000 kilometers of long coastline make Turkey one of the most famous sailing destinations. Turkey is the best destination for sailing on sailboats, since sailboats (also known as gulets) traditionally come from there, but you can also rent other types of boats. Marmaris is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean, located on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Another popular destination, Bodrum, is known for the 15th century castle, ships, shipyards, as well as white buildings and graves stretching over its harbors.


If you rent your boat to Malta, the center of the Mediterranean, you will have the feeling that you have sailed into the world of the ages. This small archipelago consists of seven islands of rich diversity that will make your sailing an unforgettable experience. See for yourself in the beauty of the dramatic contrast of colors: the turquoise and dark blue sea combined with the vibrant colors of fishing boats, limestone in hues of honey, bright skies and colorful fiestas.


From the moment you rent your boat in Montenegro you will realize that although it takes a small part of the Adriatic Sea (about 300 km), it is definitely a new popular destination, especially for luxury yacht chartering. The combination of mountain and crystal clear sea contributes to the spectacular sea landscape.

Azores Islands

Not Mediterranean, I know, but thought I’d mention them still. Azores are a group of smaller islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. This volcanic island is known for lush vegetation and greenery, as well as dramatic, almost out of this world landscapes. Perfect for exploring with a boat. Distance from land is just a plus because you will not find the mass of tourists crowding and pressing on the beach, and there is also a great chance to run into a whale or a group of dolphins.

No matter which destination you choose, a small and intimate island or to visit some vibrant cities full of historical heritage and great food, you are in for a ride.

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