Circumnavigating the World in Sailboat: A Life Changing Experience

Alone or with friends. Or maybe just with your significant other. Every day at a different place. Or every other day. Or every third. One moment in solitude, the next in noisy civilization. One evening in a restaurant eating sea food and drinking wine, the next morning playing with dolphins in the deep blue sea.

We are talking about the best vacationing you could, or could not really imagine. It is sailing.

It is becoming one with the sea. It is discovering different historic heritage sites and trying exquisite cuisine from different countries every day. And this is only the start of the advantages of this type of vacationing. They are many indeed. And for the flaws – try to find them on your own.

This can be the vacation where you rediscover yourself. Far away from the daily worries and noises, the silent whisper of the sea and gentle rocking of the sail boat is the only thing you will hear. You can reconnect with yourself, with the people you choose to join you on this journey, with nature. And if you get bored of this, you can always stop at a vibrant city and have a night on the town.

Be spontaneous. If you are not too eager and strict with your schedule to arrive at a specific time at a certain location, due to weather conditions, sailing can be very relaxing and spontaneous. On the route of finding an island, the wind might guide you to another undiscovered gem in the sea. If the weather is colder and the sea is restless, you can sail closer to the coast. If there is no wind, you don’t have to go to all the planned locations. But it is not all about the weather. The moment you want to leave the place where you have anchored your boat, you find out that the next day there is a carnival you want to visit, so you decide to stay another day. You make choices on the go. There is no check out in your ‘hotel room’ and you can move it at your liking.

Diversity is one thing you will not miss on this vacation. Being able to visit one place a day, and even multiple places in one day, is something that will fulfill the appetites even of the most curious ones. When at one moment you are on an almost deserted island watching the sunset, and the next day sightseeing and exploring the culture and cuisine of a beautiful coastal city. Opposed to spending your vacation in a hotel – with the same beach, same view and same food every day, with sailing no single day is alike the one before. In just a week you can visit so many beaches and cities that you would need three weeks if traveling on land. Also, reaching some of the most secluded areas and bays is only possible when sailing. One thing is for sure – you will meet many people during this adventure. Maybe these acquaintances will have very short duration, as one moment you are dinning together, and only the next they will be sending you off on the shore, but the diversity of the people you will meet is guaranteed. Anyway, the people you want to spend a lot of time with, will be with you on the boat.

Swimming every day and at any moment is a luxury when on a regular vacation, but not when sailing. Regardless of your location, whether you are anchored on a solitaire bay, on the marina or you are sailing in the middle of the sea, you can dive in the deep blue and enjoy the calmness of the water. However, when the wind is on your side and the sailboat is going fast, you will want to swim while holding on to a rope, unless you want to have the adventure of being left out at sea. Get the perfect tan and as a bonus – no bikini lines! When at the open sea, you can forget about your bikini and have your own private nudist beach. Unless you are feeling shy of the seagulls that might roam the area J


The cradling of the sailboat will make you sleep like a baby. The soft rocking can cure even the worst of insomnias. Just imagine sleeping at the open sea, with sweet and calm sea waves splashing and rocking the sailboat, giving the ultimate sleeping experience. Also, say goodbye to sea sickness. If you suffer from sea sickness, give yourself a chance to be cured. When you put your body through multiple days and even weeks of constant rocking, it will adjust to the new environment and in no time you will be able to eat as much as you want or even read a book while at sea. That is in case you get bored of all the dolphins and the natural beauty and blueness of the sea.

This adventure isn’t only looking at the crustal waters and visiting cities. You can discover the sea world as never before. You can meet dolphins from up close, swim with the fishes and encounter new for you sea species. The seagulls will just appear before you, in a shy manner: first you will see them as something white, as it was a plush toy, and just then they will emerge and present themselves. Furthermore, learning and discovering something new is always a fun thing. Sailing with a boat doesn’t mean you should always just swim and stare at the sea. You can learn how to put up the sail, learn how to tie knots, steer the boat and maneuvering through the wind. This can be the new skill you learn and be proud to excel at a new adventurous sport.


Whichever way you decide to go, choosing to embark upon an adventure like this, will surely give you life long memories and experiences that will be told your whole life.

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