Challenges of Sailing Single-Handed

Sailing solo could provide some good and peaceful alone time in the sea, with just you and your boat. It is a good time to think, experience solitude and stop wherever you want at your own convenience. There is also the feeling of control over your own boat that comes with not relying on other crew to keep your boat in line.

However, anyone who would like to go sailing single-handed should be ready to deal with a series of problems that will most definitely not occur if you are sailing with other people. These problems include:

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Preparing Your Sailboat and Crew for an Ocean Passage

When going out on a long ocean passage, some factors that may affect the trip may have to be well taken care of.

If not, the trip may be uncomfortable, difficult, slow or even dangerous. Full preparation, therefore, becomes very important in making sure that you and your crew experience the full adventure without being slowed down by unnecessary problems. Here are some few tips on how to prepare your boat and crew for a smooth ocean passage:

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Chartering a Sailboat vs Buying a Sailboat

Deciding to charter or buy a sailboat could be a tough decision to make even when you are not on a tight budget. Many people are always at loss as to the best decision to make when it comes choosing one of the options. Sailboats are beautiful and sailing provides fun. But as with most things in life, both decisions have implications.

I have highlighted the positives and negatives associated with either chartering a sailboat or chartering one.

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What’s It Like to Sail Across the Pacific?

Note from editor: Today’s post was written by Jessica Hadden specially for Breaking Out

Before now, I was sceptical about sailing. While I love travelling, sailing wasn’t my thing at all. That changed when I met my husband five years ago. He is a natural-born sailor and he loves sailing and travelling. He and I began travelling (excluding sailing) until I summoned enough courage to give sailing a shot. I have not looked back ever since.  If you would like to sail across the pacific but do not know what it is like or what to expect, here are things to expect:

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